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Country:  United States
City:  Brookings
Job Family:  Industrial Operations
Contract Type:  Unlimited-term
Job ID:  40723

Factory Industrial Performance Manager

The role of Industrial Performance (IP) in factory has a cross functional responsibility for identifying, driving/leading all improvements projects impacting the factory efficiency. The IP role is driving the implementation of the BEL MANUFACTURING MODEL (BMM) Performance standards coordinating all activities linked to performance improvements process integrated into the factory performance Road Map (BBA-CM)


The Factory IP Manager leads the factory Operation Excellence Road Map to maximize manufacturing efficiency, reducing all types of losses, developing capacity, involvement and contribution of all employees at plant level


The factory IP Manager reports to Factory plant Director and belongs to Factory Management team. He challenges his environment to ensure the factory is continuously improving its operation performance


The factory IP Manager belongs to the IP community with a functional link with the Platform Industrial Performance Director.

He acts as part of an effective Industrial Performance network to continuously bring new ideas linked to improvements methods and tools.


JOB SUMMARY: What to expect in the Role


-Drive behavioral change across the plant, including support functions, through training, coaching and also convincing employees.

-Instrumental in achieving the plant conversion productivity target and identifying productivity opportunities to close potential gaps

-Support the factory performance roadmap / site master plan / goal alignment annually for the entire facility and provide assistance for the execution (facilitation, coordination, visualization, communication, celebration)

-Deliver clear understanding of the requirements for the continuous improvement process at BEL (e.g. behaviors, attitude and culture) necessary to build a productive environment that sustains productivity delivery and improve safety, quality, Cost and service level


-Support the factory Management team in implementing all Management processes and standards from BMM based on the Positive Operation vision.


-In cooperation with Human Resources, initiate and support training by using existing standards from BMM to ensure all employees understand BMM concepts for Continuous Improvement

-Build a close partnership with the Platform Industrial Performance function as well as other BEL plants to leverage Best Practices implementation through Benchmarking analysis and  Bel experts input.

-Define and coordinate improvement projects

-Support/coach line/departmental resources on daily basis + middle term


  1. Budget under management :

As a factory IP Manager , this position has a responsibility concerning the set up and the reaching of the local project stakes and the respect of the means to achieve

Direct responsibility = consulting fees (depending on site)       shared responsibility= xxx k Euros

Targets according to performance improvements targets

  1. Direct/indirect staff size under supervision:
    • Directly supervised staff: usually none (depends on the size of the site)
    • Indirect supervised staff : none
    • Transversal role of leadership and control of the continuous improvement teams, and promotion of the approach to all the site’s departments. Project way of working.
    • Active networking with the Platform Industrial Performance Director as well as other IP Managers from the group: zone/region/platform
  2. Other data :

Functional Reporting to Platform Industrial Performance Director


(To perform this job at a satisfactory level)

  1. Minimum education level and/or required professional experience 1 :

High school degree +5 years of academic/University studies (according to the career following to this position) with 3 to 5 years minimum of professional experience in an Operation role (Production, Supply Chain, Quality, Product Development Role)

  1. Specific skills :
    • Communication and leadership qualities, good teaching skills, leadership in a nonhierarchical mode, analysis and challenge abilities, rigor and organization, diplomacy, convincing ability, tenacity, suggestion oriented, innovation open-minded
    • Highly developed challenging mindset: Result oriented, driven and passionate
    • Strong skills in project management incl. strong written + verbal communication
    • Able to move from a strategic vision to Operational defining the core priorities.
    • Information systems: Office Pack / SAP / Good understanding of information systems
    • Ability to lead and influence others, be empowering, inspiring and a good trainer
    • Analytical/conceptual thinking incl. helicopter view + deployment/stratification of data
    • Ability to transform conceptual thinking into sustainable shop floor applications
    • Knowledge of financial bases: P&L, Variance Analysis….
    • Knowledgeable about Performance improvement tools and methodologies
    • Certified 6 Sigma: Green Belt as minimum ideally Black Belt.
    • Fluent in English

      1) What are the main, ongoing job responsibilities: Operational Support

      BMM : Manufacturing Requirements and standards

      • Ensure that the factory focuses on the full implementation of basic manufacturing requirements from BMM as a first priority. Performance Measurement as well as performance Management processes (Cf: PCS: Performance Control System)
      • Promote the approach at the site, the country and the platform levels at every hierarchical level
      • Coordinate the factory pillars in place with a dedicated focus on AM, PM and FI
      • Leads/ support/implement improvements tools and methodologies: Complexity/ ZBB/VSM
      • Ensure that the impact of the factory on the supply chain performance results in the lowest total delivered cost
      • Promote the BMM at the site, the country and the platform levels at every hierarchical level

      Systems support

      Support the use Manufacturing system tools to track performance Kpi’s as well as Performance Improvement projects integrated into the factory 3 years Performance Road map (BBA Manufacturing).



      Change and Improvement Management

      Factory Masterplan: Productivity Road Map: 3 years’ Timeframe: BBA-CM (Competitiveness Manufacturing)

      Coordinate the Operation excellence Road map through a 3 years Productivity Master plan under the sponsorship and Lead of the plant Director. This masterplan describes where the factory needs to be in 3-5 years in terms of performance, processes and change management to the “Ideal state”.


      Actively identify performance gaps through benchmarking. Awareness



      Create and communicate awareness of the need to improve “Sense of urgency”.

      Lead or support Transformation Projects within the Factory (for example: autonomous organization). Continuous Improvement: BMM Principles applied

      Lead the implementation of the BMM standard monitoring their impact on the factory performance in terms of Safety, Quality, Service, Environment and Cost. Ensure that employees are actively involved in improvement

      Communicate and animate on BMM standard implementation

      Prepare and lead local Industrial Performance steering committees with a challenging and constructive mindset



      Knowledge Management and People Development Support

      Promote the exchange of information and best practices through the use of BMM standards as well as Internal and External Benchmarking.

      Ensure training as required on Continuous Improvement methods and Industrial Performance methodologies

      Contribute to the definition and evolution of BMM standards, and best practices for manufacturing management and performance improvement

      Participate to the Group Industrial Performance workshop as well as monthly conf call with Platform Industrial Performance Directors sharing information’s and Best Practices.